A brief overview of OWASP top 10 risks and what it takes to minimize them in java.(Part -3)

  1. Implementing proper access controls is the primary defence mechanism used against insecure direct object reference attacks.
  2. Using indirect references for internal data without exposing the internal keys.
  3. Avoid using predictable keys where applicable. ( eg: bank account id’s)

5 Security Misconfiguration

  1. Usage of software without being updated properly.
  2. Unnecessary features being enabled or installed.
  3. Using default account usernames and passwords.
  4. The error handling revealing stack traces or other overly informative error messages to users.
  5. The security settings in development frameworks (e.g., Struts, Spring) and libraries has not been set to secure values.
  6. Turning off or choosing not to install the features which are not needed and applying the principle of “least privilege [3] “
  7. Changing the security configurations as necessary and not using the default security configurations which are known to everybody.
  8. Making sure the packages used are up to date.

Lead Software Engineer @ IFS, Former intern at @ WSO2 inc.

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Kasun Balasooriya

Kasun Balasooriya

Lead Software Engineer @ IFS, Former intern at @ WSO2 inc.

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